Why Your Elbow Hurts When Gripping Or Squeezing

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We rely on the use of our hands thousands of times a day to perform the most basic but essential tasks.

But what if you’ve noticed recently that your elbow hurts when gripping or squeezing any sort of object?

What is this a sign of?

Should you be worried that you’ve suffered an injury?

Will it get worse?

I’m sure these questions are running through your mind right now.

But don’t worry, I’ll answer each one of these so you know exactly where you stand and what steps you should immediately take to prevent it from getting worse.

There is not much you can do to avoid gripping or squeezing your fingers together each day to grab something.

It’s simply a required action to pick up or hold an object no matter what it is for.

It’s when you combine the action of tightly holding an object with wrist extension movements, this is when your elbow hurts and can cause severe elbow irritation and pain over a long period of time.

You don’t need to be lifting anything heavy.

The simple action of holding a grocery bag or opening the fridge door can cause discomfort in your elbow.

And it doesn’t have to be anything strenuous to cause problems with your forearm or elbow.

Especially if you perform repetitive arm movements and tasks on a daily basis – this is the reason why your elbow hurts.

An example of the types of movements I am referring too would be a chef who uses a knife day in and day out.  The repetitive squeezing and gripping of the knife can overtime cause elbow problems.

Your Elbow Hurts When You Grip and Squeeze Any Sort of Object But What Does it Mean?

To be more specific, if your elbow hurts when you grip and squeeze anything – even holding a coffee mug PLUS the outside of your elbow is tender to the touch, then you most likely have tennis elbow.

This is one of the signs and symptoms of tennis elbow.

Now to be 100% certain that you have tennis elbow, here are a couple of more symptoms that you may be able to relate too:

1) your injured arm is hard to straighten or extend fully,

2) the pain sometimes shoots all the way down your forearm into your hand,

3) your hand grip strength is not what it used to be,

4) you have a sore elbow to the touch and it’s tender

5) you fumble or drop items more often than before,

6) your elbow pain increases when you grip down and squeeze – even when you shaking hands with someone.

So what should you do to ensure that your tennis elbow injury doesn’t get worse?

The most obvious is to avoid any type of actions that require you to constantly extend your wrist.

Actions such as gardening, using construction tools, playing sports where you have to hold/grip a ball, bat, golf club or are any sort of activity where you are constantly opening and closing your hand will make matters worse.

Is there a quick fix for tennis elbow?

Unfortunately tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury that can take some time to properly heal and get better.

As with any type of tendon injury, the reason why they can be so difficult to get rid of is because of the lack of blood supply.

It can be an never ending challenge to get more and more blood to your tendons to help facilitate and accelerate healing.

A trick you can try to help improve the blood flow to your elbow is to apply heat to it.

Get a hot water bottle or hot towel and place it over your elbow twice a day.

This will immediately draw blood to the tissues surrounding your affected elbow and provide some nutrient rich blood to your damaged forearm muscles and tendons.

There are just 5 simple steps you can take right now to stop the pain in your elbow.

You don’t need to take time out of your busy day to wait in your Doctor’s office, pop anti-inflammatory pills every 3-4 hours, worry about having to get painful cortisone injections, or wear bulky elbow braces or splints.

Click on the button below where you will see 5 simple steps in action to treat your tennis elbow at home:




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