What Outer Elbow Pain Really Means

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For individuals who suffer from outer elbow pain, it’s bad enough that it is uncomfortable to perform the most basic daily tasks but your pain seems to flare up at the weirdest and most inconvenient of times.

You could be outside on a beautiful sunny day doing a bit of gardening, taking out the trash, or even doing a little DIY or odd jobs around the house and your elbow pain will strike seemingly out of nowhere.

The pain can get so bad on the outside of your elbow that even gripping a coffee mug is near impossible or you can’t do it without thinking in the back of your mind that you could spill this hot coffee on yourself at anytime – or even worse burn someone else.

So what does it really mean when you pain and discomfort in your outer elbow?

If you have recently fallen onto a hard surface and struck your elbow then this is the most likely reason for your pain.

In most cases, your pain will disappear in a few days, especially if you apply some ice to it and elevate it at night.

Elevating your elbow above the level of your heart will help prevent the pooling of blood in your elbow and maintain good blood flow.

But what if you don’t recall falling onto your affected elbow and are at a loss as to why the outside of your elbow hurts, especially when you bend your wrist upwards or squeeze or grip anything?

If this is the scenario you are facing right now, take a deep breath because there is possibility that something more serious is happening with your elbow and you’ve actually done some damage.

For the majority of people, the damage that has occurred to muscles and/or tendons can be repaired and rehabilitated back into shape without serious medical intervention or worrying about having to go under the knife for surgery.

Without actually falling onto your elbow or striking it on a hard surface, you can rule out a broken bone.

You need to put on your thinking cap and consider the following:

How long has this outer elbow pain been causing your grief?

Are there specific patterns where your pain increases(ie:  when you shake hands with someone, while trying to twist the lid off a jar, carrying groceries)

Does your injured arm feel stiff and tight when you wake in the morning?

Is your problem elbow showing signs of inflammation or swelling?

These are all questions that need to be answered before you can ever think about getting better.

The simple reason is that you need to know which injury it is you have before you start treating it.

Otherwise you may end up wasting valuable time and money trying to heal the wrong condition.

For 99 percent of cases, pain in the outer part of your elbow is a indication of tennis elbow.

Especially if you notice that your elbow pain gets worse when you turn doorknobs, twist open the lid on a jar, use a screwdriver or carry grocery bags.

If you bend your wrist upwards and press on the outside of your upper forearm near your elbow, it should be tender to the touch and sore.

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What steps can you take to ensure that your elbow pain disappears and never comes back?

No matter which website you do research on about this topic or Doctor you visit, the symptom of pain on the outer side of your elbow or upper forearm is an indication of a tennis elbow injury.

Before you say, “But I don’t play tennis”, you should now that 95 percent of tennis elbow cases come from individuals just like who have never even swung a racquet.

You’ve most likely suffered your injury from performing actions that involve repetitive squeezing or gripping of an object combined with wrist extension.

These actions could be anything from knitting, to playing sports, exercising, or on the job duties.

You are more likely to develop while in the workplace than actually playing any sport – including tennis.

Contact and high impact sports are considered super high risk for getting tennis elbow.

HR departments are seeing an increase in tennis elbow injuries are only now starting to address the issue.

Some of the steps they are taking include:  workstation re-evaluation, re-evaluation of tools and machinery, job rotation and increase in the length of time and number of breaks an employee who does repetitive tasks is entitled too.

To be 100% positive that your outer elbow pain is tennis elbow, perhaps you are experiencing the following symptoms as well:

  1. Have you noticed that your grip has been getting weaker and you drop or fumble with things more often than before?
  2. Is your injured arm stiff and hard to extend or straighten fully – especially when you wake in the morning?
  3. Does your the pain on the outside of your elbow increase when shake someone’s hand, turn a doorknob or carry grocery bags?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above, then I would say with 99% certainty that you are suffering from tennis elbow and not a broken bone or some other serious degenerative disease.

The news that you really need to hear right now is that tennis elbow is 100% treatable and in most cases you won’t have to shell out a single dime for treatment.

But beware of wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing!  You may get lead down the road of the tennis elbow circular trap.

And if you end up taking this path, then be prepared to be suffering from tennis elbow for many months and years to come!

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I don’t want you to worry because you’re not alone!

And it doesn’t matter how long tennis elbow has been messing with your daily plans or preventing from getting back to your favourite hobbies, sports or occupation.

This injury affects millions of people every year and it’s not an injury that requires you to spend a lot of money to heal and recover from(as long as you avoid Doctors).

You can completely heal and recover from your tennis elbow using 5 simple steps at home without any medical devices or exercise gadgets.

You can see these 5 simple steps in action by clicking the button below:  so you’ll never again have to worry about tennis elbow or pain in your outer elbow.

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