How to Self Diagnose Tennis Elbow In 30 Seconds

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If you are short on cash, no problem.  If you don’t have medical insurance, that’s ok.  If are suffering from elbow pain and want to learn how to self diagnose tennis elbow so you can rule out other more serious condition such as a broken arm, you’ve landed on the right page!

Because I’m going to show you a quick and easy method that will give you a diagnosis just as fast as your Doctor would.  In fact, this is the same test that Doctor’s administer in their clinics.

It doesn’t matter if you got tennis elbow pain from playing guitar, on the job, playing sports or from a hobby you enjoy, this test works 100% of the time!

But in order to perform this quick test on yourself, you will need the assistance of another person but only for 30 seconds or less.

Here’s how to to perform this easy test.  Stand with your injured arm out in front of you, parallel to the floor.  Extend your wrist upwards towards the ceiling so that your hand is in the “stop” position.  Keep your fingers together and arm fully extended.  Have your partner support your wrist with one of their hands and then with their other hand grab the top part of your fingers and push them back towards you.

If you feel pain on the outside of your forearm near your elbow, then you are suffering from a tennis elbow injury.

That’s how simple and easy it is to self diagnose tennis elbow.  But the best part about finally knowing whether or not you have this dreadful repetitive strain injury is that it never cost you a dime or took time out of your busy day to make an appointment with your Doctor.

So now that it has been confirmed that you have tennis elbow, what’s the next step and how do you treat it?

Again, you don’t have to waste a single dime on Doctors, painful cortisone shots, Physical therapy or purchase any useless medical devices.  You can cure and treat your tennis elbow from the comfort and convenience of your own home using items that you have in your garage or home as essential tools.

All you need to do is follow these 5 simple home treatment steps now that you were able to learn  how to self diagnose tennis elbow, so you can jump start your recovery today!




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