How Long Does Tennis Elbow Take to Heal

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The burning question that many people who suffer from the most commonly reported repetitive strain injury that affects you arm has is, how long does tennis elbow take to heal and what are my safest and best treatment options?

I would like to tell you that you can completely recover from tennis elbow overnight, simply by taking a pill and your elbow pain would be gone in the morning.  Sadly this is not the case.

So why is it you can’t fully heal your tennis elbow in just 2 or 3 days?

To answer this question, you need to first understand what happens in your arm when you suffer from this injury.  Tennis elbow is an injury where your extensor tendon sufferers a tear.  The tear starts out very small in the shape of a “V”.  Overtime, as you continue with the activities or arm movements that has caused your injury, the tendon begins to fray just like a rope.  The more your tendon frays and tears, the greater the elbow pain you experience.

Even the most innocent types of everyday chores can bring on severe elbow pain.  Even carrying a bag of groceries, carrying out the trash, twisting the lid off a jar or even shaking hands with a friend is painful enough to bring tears to your eyes.  This is why your elbow hurts when gripping or carrying any sort of object.

If you want to heal your tennis elbow in the shortest possible time, there are just 2 simple rules you need to follow!

First, make the commitment to never give in to your injury.  You may be tempted to purchase useless medical devices and gadgets or elbow braces but to be honest they are a complete waste of your hard earned cash.  Sure they help address your pain and symptoms but they do not provide long term, permanent relief.

What about cortisone shots for tennis elbow?  Again, you may get 3-4 weeks of pain relief but once the cortisone wears off, you are back at square one.

The second rule to fully recovering from tennis elbow is to begin a proven tennis elbow treatment plan as soon as possible.  Tennis elbow is an injury that gets worse over time.

Fortunately you can heal your tennis elbow at home in just 5 self paced, simple steps!  These 5 steps have successfully helped thousands of people on 5 continents recover from the convenience of their own living room.

If you are ready to do the same, click here where a short video will reveal this 5 step formula to you so you can get started right now!




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